What is Marriage Encounter?

Marriage Encounter is an invitation to spend an entire weekend focusing on your spouse and your relationship with each other, working toward God's ideal for marriage. Encounter means "to meet again at a deeper level." You'll find the weekend to be orderly, informative, and structured. Marriage Encounter takes couples beyond the frustration, disappointments, or loneliness that can be a part of their everyday life.



hat Happens On A Marriage Encounter Weekend?

Each workshop is presented by four Adventist team couples - one (1) Pastoral and three (3) Lay couples. Each presentation allows you and your spouse an opportunity to:

  1. Look at yourselves as individuals.
  2. Look at your marriage and relationship to one another
  3. Look at your relationship to God and to the world.
  4. The refreshing positive approach to communication in marriage offers an opportunity for growth.